After Sales

  2 Ways To Claim For Warranty


    1. Call +1800 467 2326. 
      This is our dedicated 24-hour 7-day a week service line for you to place a service request in the event of an equipment fault. Please call the hotline and our Customer Service Representative will assist you in placing a service call.
    2. Please prepare the following required details. 
      To help determine the warranty or contract coverage. Your unit should have a sticker label displaying the serial number and the product model (If it doesn’t, please advise one of our friendly Customer Engineers that you require a sticker to be placed on the outside of your Vertiv unit for a quick reference in assisting your staff to place any future service calls)
  • Unit Serial Number
  • Unit Model
  • Site Name and Address
  • Name and phone number of the person placing the call
  • Name and phone number of the site contact (if different from the caller)
  • Description of the unit issue/problem (e.g.., high temp alarm, water under floor, UPS in alarm state)
  • Confirm your request.
    We ask that as soon as practical you confirm your request for our attendance in writing by completing an "Authority to Attend", by emailing The authority to attend should include the requested details in item 3 above and a purchase order number if applicable. A Customer Engineer will be dispatched and the relevant charges if any will apply as per your service level agreement


    1. Send the following required details to
    • Unit Serial Number
    • Unit Model
    • Name and Contact Number
    • Email Address
    • Delivery Address