Protect Your Critical Electronics Equipments

Reduce Energy Costs and Extend Your Devices' Lifespan with Vertiv™ Power Solutions

Running a Business comes with its fair share of challenges, and power-related problems are no exception. 

Inconsistent power quality, frequent power fluctuations, and high energy costs can impact your business operations, damage your electronic devices, and even harm the environment. 

What is A UPS? it is a Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a device that does 2 essential things

1.Provides emergency power to your electronic devices when the main power source fails, giving you a short window of time to save your work and safely shut down your devices, preventing data loss and hardware damage. 

2. Filters and regulates the power supply, maintaining a stable and consistent voltage that helps keep your devices safe from power fluctuations and other electrical disturbances.

Power Issues Is A Threat to Your Business Continuity

Business Owners and IT Managers in various industries, such as doctor's clinics, printing factories, and creative studios, rely on stable power to maintain business operations, protect sensitive data, and ensure cybersecurity. 

Power outages and electricaldisturbances can lead to damages to equipment, production disruption and even data loss.

The Ultimate Power Protection for Your Computer and Electronics Device :

The Liebert© ITON SOHO
, offered by Vertiv™, create for business owners who need to keep their IT infrastructure up and running, regardless of power issues. 

This dependable UPS device ensures that your servers, data storage, and other IT equipment are protected from unexpected power disturbances.

Vertiv™ offers a range of products designed to help businesses like yours overcome power-related challenges. Our solutions provide clean, stable power to your devices, reducing energy consumption, extending device lifespans, and minimizing your environmental impact

  • Stable and consistent power supply
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Extended device lifespan
  • Reduced environmental impact

Solutions for Business Owners & IT Managers

Maintain uninterrupted operations and prevent downtime with a stable power supply.

Safeguard valuable data by ensuring power stability during outages or electrical disturbances.

Protect your servers from data corruption caused by power fluctuations and spikes.

Extend the lifespan of your critical equipment by preventing inconsistent electrical flow.

Vertiv offers a wide range of UPS sizes and capacities, making them suitable for both homeowners and businesses. Their UPS systems are designed to meet different power protection needs, starting from small, compact units for home use to larger, more powerful systems for businesses and data centers.

For homeowners, the Vertiv Liebert PSA5 and Vertiv Liebert ITA2 series offer reliable and cost-effective power protection for home computers, entertainment systems, and other electronic devices. These UPS systems are compact and easy to install, making them a great fit for home use.

Vertiv™ Liebert® PSA itON SOHO UPS | Line Interactive UPS | 650VA/850VA/1000VA :

Dimensions: 650VA: 9.9 cm (W) x 31.0 cm (D) x 14.0 cm (H) or 3.9" (W) x 12.2" (D) x 5.5" (H)

For businesses, Vertiv provides more advanced UPS solutions, such as the Vertiv Liebert GXT5 series and Vertiv Liebert EXM series, which are designed to support critical IT infrastructure, servers, and other essential equipment. These systems come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate the needs of different businesses and their power requirements.

Vertiv Liebert GXT5-500LVRT2UXL (500VA/450W):

Dimensions: 3.3 x 16.9 x 19.9 inches (84 x 430 x 505 mm)

Vertiv has a diverse range of UPS systems suitable for both home and business use, providing reliable power protection and ensuring the longevity of your electronic devices.

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